About Jae


Candidate District 26
Arizona Senate

My parents, brother and sister all escaped from South Korea in 1978. The former South Korean govt tried for many years to see us returned and face the death penalty. That corrupt government finally gave up and I went from an asylum seeker to a permanent resident, and later a US citizen. I know what freedom means and the hope and opportunity it can give anybody willing to work. As I became accustomed to the United States I worked hard and graduated from college. I then met my wife and was blessed with 2 boys. Now grown, one works here in the valley and one is serving in the US Army. I stand for freedom, liberty, and justice. These are not just casual words but a belief that the American way is the best way in the entire world. For 20 years I have lived in Arizona. I built a business, raised a family, and worked in the community. I want to represent you! To ensure that this way of life, the life that has been so good to me, is available to my children and my grandchildren.