When I become your next Senator in LD 26, my top priority will be to bring more manufacturing jobs to the valley. One way we can accomplish this is through offering international non-stop flights to Phoenix from Asian countries.

We’ve lost a lot of companies who’ve set up shop in Texas. With layovers in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle or Las Vegas, it can take around 12 hours to get to Phoenix. Our Valley has so much to offer when it comes to lifestyle, affordable housing and climate so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be the #1 choice for these top companies.

Recently, a Taiwanese Microchip company decided to invest a billion dollars here in the valley. Obviously, great news! But we need more businesses doing the same.

It not only could create about 2,000 high-paying jobs, but we’re looking at so many more jobs being added outside of these manufacturing facilities since the tourism industry will also be impacted. Hotels and restaurants will see their business spike along with retail stores and entertainment venues. This will also help the Indian Reservations since many run hotels and casinos.

Again, this is dependent on non-stop flights coming from Asian countries to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Getting elected to State Senate, I’ll be able to go over to these countries and talk to executives of companies to assess their needs.


Immigration is near and dear to my heart because my family are immigrants from South Korea. My father was in South Korea in the 1970s during the military dictatorship government so we left in 1978. We still got harassed by the South Korea CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) after coming to the United States. My father and I were labeled as North Korea communist terrorists who planned to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. We were investigated by the Secret Service.

Meantime, my father and I were waiting for deportation to South Korea but it never happened. While in the U.S., South Korea sentenced my father and me to the death penalty in 1985.

When I see the rioting and protesting going on in this country, I can’t help but think about how it’s really terrible in other countries. People are put in jail for all kinds of things — it doesn’t matter the charge.

I’m all for immigration and people from all countries having the opportunity to make a better life for themselves in the U.S. like my family has done. But it needs to be done legally.

We also have been hearing a lot, lately, about Black Lives Matter. I agree. But I also agree with Blue Lives Matter since I’m behind the police. Bottom line, All Lives Matter.

What upsets me is this movement to protect adult lives but what about babies? So many are being aborted each day, including Black babies. Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter needs to also extend to the innocent babies who are losing their lives each day.

Back to South Korea for a moment. I’m glad the country has achieved democracy. In fact, I was invited back to the country last year where I met with politicians. The country has come a long way. So has the United States but it seems, at least lately, we still have a long way to go.